Your chance to support England's first wild beavers for 400 years!

England's first beaver re-introduction project is happening right here in Devon - thanks to the support of people who love wildlife and the natural world.

The River Otter Beaver Trial is led by Devon Wildlife Trust. We have a five-year licence to introduce beavers to this East Devon river catchment. And to gather evidence on the beavers' impacts on other wildlife, on water quality, flooding and local communities.

Since 2011, DWT has also managed an 'enclosed' beaver site in west Devon which has generated lots of evidence on the benefits beavers bring to our landscape. 

At the half-way stage of the River Otter Beaver Trial, there are now at least 29 beavers thriving in the wild in East Devon, in six family groups.

DWT's beaver conservation work receives no government funding. Beavers are back in Devon thanks to the generosity of ordinary wildlife fans who have donated and supported this project. We still need to raise the funds to continue the 5-year trial re-introduction - and there are lots of ways you can help. 

Watch footage of a mother and three kits on the River Otter in summer 2016:



You can support the beavers by:

Beavers are back in Devon, thanks to the support of people like you! Find out more about the River Otter Beaver Trial and the Enclosed Beaver Project in Devon or support Devon's beavers here