Online wildlife games

Build a starfish, help a hog and make sure Maurice the mole gets through the storm! Our games will help children learn about wildlife whilst having fun!

Swift Academy

Join the Swift Academy and start learning the essential skills to becoming a successful swift! From flying thousands of miles, finding a mate and building a nest, boys and girls can earn their wings to become a fully fledged swift. 

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Help the Hog Harry the hedghog

What do hedgehogs need to keep them safe and happy? Discover how to make your patch more hedgehog friendly! Once you have had a play why not tell us when you last saw a hedgehog?

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Maurice the Mole

Help Maurice the Mole tackle the worst that the weather can throw at him in this great little climate change-themed animal game. When the weather turns bad you need to be quick to make sure Maurice has the right clothes and equipment to keep him on his way.

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Build a starfish

Green spiky starfishStarfish come in many different colours and shapes, some with spikes, some with many more arms than others. Design your own starfish, give it a name and share it with your friends!

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Let's go stargazing 

Stella the starfish

Search for starfish on the rocky shore, then dive under water to discover more! Find all the hidden starfish on the beach, under the pier, and on a shipwreck and pick up fascinating facts about the lives of these amazing marine animals.

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