The Exe Estuary and its future

Monday 25th September 2017

The Exe Estuary is vital for wading birds. photo: Neil Bygrave

During summer 2017 we took part in the South East Devon Habitat Regulations Partnership Wildlife Refuge Areas Consultation. These are our views...

The Exe Estuary hosts internationally important bird populations which feed and find shelter in the wide variety of estuary habitats. 

Wading birds and brent geese, for which the estuary is renowned, rely on safe areas free from frequent disturbance to survive. As human population pressure increases and recreational demands change we need to find new ways of sharing these spaces with our treasured wildlife.

Devon Wildlife Trust fully supports the designation of refuge areas which will help ensure people are able to enjoy these special places and the internationally important wildlife which is found is able to thrive long into the future. 


The outcome of the consultation process should be announced in October 2017 by South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive Committee partners Teinbridge District Council, Exeter City Council and East Devon District Council.

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