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Bystock dreams

Posted: Thursday 19th April 2018 by trustadmin

Bystock Pools nature reserveLooking over the pools at Bystock nature reserve

Written by 16 year old Alfie Blackham, this poem illustrates the beauty and wonder of one of our most popular reserves, Bystock Pools.

The water sits like a liquid crystal, only moved by leaf fall and fowl,

Air seasoned with crushed pine to sweeten the mid spring day breeze,

Like a dream in stasis, it's soothing touch holds my skin, a lovers gentle caress.

It is my escape, this wooded pool, this natural utopia in which I do contemplate my meaning.

The happy hours slip past with every cool breath of smooth, pure air.

Small bubbles roll up to the glassy surface disrupting the mirrored sky painted upon it,

Evidence of the life and slow decay that blesses but also haunts that aquatic Eden.

Nature's hand, the master of all life that does commence, caring and discarding, creating and destroying, the eternal circle.

Avian choirs sing their praise for the bounty provided, the song carries till softly fading.

Hark! My charcoal companion does join them in their hymns, how pleasant to hear a familiar voice to guide my focus.

Such peace I find amongst the browning needles and rippling sheen.

If joviality had a Kingdom, then I am surely within its great boundaries of pine and soft fern.

This precious realm is the proud ambassador of abundance and untouched purity, shimmering in the golden sunlight of the day and the glowing moonlight of the cold evening.

It is my treasure, my emerald gem, set in the silver of my heart.
Bystock Pools

Alfie Blackham 

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