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Harry's 30 Days Wild story

Posted: Wednesday 13th July 2016 by DevonWildlifeTrust

Woodlice on stone beneath leavesWoodlice just like the ones Harry saw!

Harry, aged 8, tells us his highlights of 30 Days Wild!

Harry and his brother Alfie!

I liked the 1st of June best because me and my friend went with my brother and mummy.

We had a lovely time listening to all of the birds and animals in the park before going back to my house and playing.

Another time I really liked was the 30th because on the way to school my brother and mummy and me looked at all the nature (mainly woodlice crawling in the wood, and birds.)

I really enjoyed it and it was very interesting, so I personally recommend doing things with the Wildlife Trust... (and it was quite easy because all of the things it recommended was things I do anyway.)

Harry Bennett (age 8)

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